Jeannine Michaelsen exposed as Brilli

After just one show, Brilli is over with “The Masked Singer”. The costume was selected from around 15,000 spectator drafts.

the essentials in brief

o. in a children’s costume: presenter Jeannine Michaelsen was the first celebrity to be revealed in the new season of the music show “The Masked Singer”.

The 40-year-old was in a colorful costume called Brilli, but received too few votes from the audience in Cologne. So she had to take off the mask. That was a little tragic, because Brilli had a special story: the fantasy creature with its oversized glasses had come up with ten-year-old Emma, ​​who had won a ProSieben costume competition with it. Her creation was already over in the first show. However, Michaelsen thanked the young costume designer profusely. “Thank you for letting me be your Brilli,” said the presenter, who is known from the show “The duel around the world – Team Joko versus Team Klaas”. Emma tried so hard. “I tried to put myself back into my ten-year-old self,” Michaelsen explained.

According to ProSieben, the Brilli costume was selected from around 15,000 designs. In “The Masked Singer” celebrities appear as singers, but hide their true identities behind opulent masks. Only her voice and a few hints give an idea of ​​who could be on stage. After all, anyone who is kicked out of the show has to identify themselves. The sixth season of the format started on Saturday.

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