Jenicka López, Jenni Rivera’s youngest daughter, reveals that she tried to take her own life | Famous

Jenicka López, the youngest daughter of the deceased Jenni Rivera, confessed that she tried to take her own life in March of last year.

Jenicka López suffered due to her anxiety

This January 5, Jenicka premiered the third episode of her podcast ‘Overcomfort’, in which her sisters Chiquis and Jacqie Rivera were guests.

The episode talked about various topics, such as the pressure they have felt when compared to each other and to ‘La diva de la banda’. They also discussed what keeps them motivated in life.

It was then that the youngest of the sisters opened up about how bad she had been during the last two years, due to the anxiety she suffered.

“I think I don’t know what keeps me motivated, I think I’m still trying to figure it out, because last year was very difficult. 2021 and 2022 were very difficult years, ”she externalized.

In addition to asserting that her “anxiety was really bad” and that what has helped her is “writing a journal,” Lopez said she has been the strong one among the three sisters since Jenni died.

“Since mom passed away I feel like I’ve been like a strong pillar. I’ve been like really tough and rude,” she shared.

“You know…respectfully, you guys are very sensitive and I feel like someone has to be the center point, and yes, all of those things,” he added.

Jenicka López spoke about her suicide attempt

Having to stand firm took its toll on Jenicka, as she revealed that she made an attempt on her life more than nine months ago, which Chiquis already knew.

“I literally tried to kill myself, like in March, and I was like I didn’t even want her to [Chiquis] I knew, I didn’t want anyone to know,” he shared.

“You feel like you’re over it [pero no] and it’s exhausting. At that point you don’t know what to do and [piensas]: ‘What for?’, and I think it was all together. Then there was something that was happening, then the thing with the family, the friends, I had lost a friend, a lot of [problemas]”, he added.

With tears in her eyes, López expressed her appreciation to her sisters for raising her and finally commented on what keeps her motivated.

“Really, trusting in that promise that I have with God and that purpose, and my children [sobrinos] little ones, they are also mine,” he said.

Although the young woman did not reveal details of her suicide attempt, the interpreter of “Queen Bee” commented that that day “she had the location” of her sister, implying that she interceded to save her life.

Jenicka revealed to Jacqie, who was unaware of what happened, that “unfortunately, it’s not the first time” she’s done something like this.