Jenifer: Her first album is 20 years old!

Since her debut, Jenifer hasn’t stopped surprising her fans! Revealed in the first season of Star Academy, the singer exploded in France and had several years on the front stage. If the effervescence of the beginnings has somewhat run out of steam, it has not yet disappeared! Jenifer continues to release impressively successful albums and titles. She was also invited to join the jury for Eurovision 2022. France and her fans have not forgotten her and still recognize her talent today. But this week, Jenifer is celebrating a very special date. Indeed, his first album is 20 years old! With cult titles such as ” Under the sun ” or ” Give me time“, the star continues to make the youth sing! Jenifer makes a nostalgic Instagram post. We tell you everything.

Jenifer: 20 years later, the star is grateful

It is a Jenifer full of ambition and talent that we discover in the first season of Star Academy. It is she who will win the trophy for the best artist of the adventure. His first album ” Jennifer was published in 2002 and received a Platinum Award for 1,000,000 copies sold in Europe. The singer will perform five times at the Olympia in Paris in front of a packed house! Jenifer looks back on the beginning of her career by celebrating the twenty years of her first album.

©Instagram @jeniferofficiel

Everyone remembers this blue album cover that made the singer famous! Jennifer makes an Instagram post to celebrate the 20th anniversary of his album: “ 20 years ?! Beginning of our story… » . The fans remember and the comments fuse: “ I remember when I first got it in my hands“, “ We listen to it again and again“, “ What a journey! Strongly the new opus“, “ 20 years of you, 20 years of us, it’s a bit like a story of life, changes and above all evolution » … And of revolution! Because yes, Jenifer has not finished surprising her fans. Stay connected.