Jenifer: in tears, she confides in her road accident which cost the life of a person

Asked in the report dedicated to her, Jenifer returned to the terrible road accident in which her concert bus had been involved.

It is a tragic event which will remain etched forever in the minds of Jennifer. On the night of March 5 to 6, 2017, after a concert in Brussels, the singer and her team set off for Paris. As they enter the A1 motorway, their bus is caught in a terrible accident. A 20-year-old young woman died there. Jenifer will find herself physically injured but it is especially mentally that the trauma is still present. Interviewed in a report dedicated to her and broadcast on NRJ12, the artist remembered how marked she was by this tragedy. “It’s something that will be part of me forever, not a day goes by that I don’t think about it, we can’t go back, it’s not possible”.

Overwhelmed by emotion, Jenifer has a hard time coming to her senses : “It’s the worst year of my entire life. I thought about quitting, doing something else, going to plant trees, make olive oil, I don’t know, but afterwards I felt guilty thinking to something else compared to the people still present”. A heavy weight on his shoulders. During this report about her, the TF1 coach also returned to her artistic career, which started with her victory in the first season of the Star Academy. And one thing is certain, the young woman at the time did not expect such a cataclysm when she left. “Just to cut myself off from the world, I was interested at that time”. Requested everywhere by fans and journalists, the singer loses her footing.

The singer admits to having needed money with her participation in the Star Academy

But Jenifer still realizes how lucky she is. Especially since she admits to having desperately needed the money at that time: “The truth is that I owed a lot of money to a lot of people.” Always very cash and honest, the singer confides in her financial situation at the time : “I was in big trouble when I got into Star Ac’. In fact, I had a little stashed notebook, and since we were paid by the week, I was calculating the weeks. So I said to myself: ‘ If I manage to make myself an extra week, when I go out, I can reimburse what I owe to such person, such person and such person.'”.

Jenifer will have done everything to win the Star Academy

But Jennifer never thought about getting help to solve his money problems: “I dared not ask my family for money, I was extremely worthy”. Thus, the star Academy fell well and it is with aggressiveness and strength that the singer gave everything: “I didn’t want to go back down to Nice or Corsica without having learned anything, won anything. So I lent myself to the game. In the end, it did me good to find myself cut off from the world in this castle, receiving lessons . It actually filled me, it filled my pockets. It filled me psychologically. I learned a lot of things. It allowed me to know what I wanted in life.”