Jennette McCurdy reveals the bribe that Nickelodeon tried to make her

The protagonist of iCarly, Jennette mccurdyhad already made it clear that his career performance It was stormy and she never felt happy, but she was surprised to reveal that her mother was to blame for her unhappiness.

After the statements, the actress released her book where she tells all the experiences that caused stress and even a eating disorder when I recorded the series.

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The title of your publication caused controversy by calling it I’m Glad My Mom Died (I’m glad my mom died) and made it clear that the relationship between mother and daughter was simply terrible.

Now a new piece of information has once again put McCurdy in the crosshairs when a kind of blackmail by the company she worked for, Nickelodeon, came to light to silence a case of abuse against the actress.

According to Vanity Fair magazine, the television channel offered him 300 thousand dollars not to mention alleged misconduct by a person they call “The Creator” who is suspected to be producer Dan Schneider.

In the passage quoted from the book of McCurdy There is talk of a dinner where this man was and of the strange attitudes he had with the actress, making her feel uncomfortable with unsolicited touching.

“My shoulders have many knots, but I don’t want the Creator to undo them. I want to say something, tell him to stop, but I am very afraid of offending him, ”he describes in his text.

Stop being an actress was what I wanted most

Later he talks about the problems of alcoholism and bulimia he suffered at the time he was recording the famous series Sam and Cat, but by then The Creator had already been prohibited from interacting with the actors for various reasons. allegations of abuse against him.

But the call she received when she was told that the program would be cancelled, far from saddening her, made her feel calmer and happier, because she no longer felt confident about continuing to act.

I thought that would be all Nickelodeon offered him a “farewell gift” and this included the amount of 300 thousand dollars only for not speak publicly of her experience while working for them, but she turned him down.

“What the hell? Is Nickelodeon offering me $300,000 not to speak publicly about my experience on the show? My personal experience of abuse with ‘The Creator’? This is a network with programming made for children. Shouldn’t they have some kind of moral compass? Shouldn’t they at least try to have some kind of ethical standard?” reads a paragraph in the book.

The book will go on sale next august 9 and perhaps they will not be the only revelations he will have.