Jennifer Garner and Jennifer Lopez: played patchwork idyll?

It goes without saying that mom Jennifer Garner and Seraphina’s biological siblings could not be missing. But “stepmother” JLo also came to the event with her daughter Emme to support Seraphina. Affleck’s mother Christine Anne Boldt was also present. Only Lopez’s son Max stayed away from the performance.

Patchwork family not so idyllic after all?

Page Six published photos of each family member arriving in front of the venue. However, there is no picture of Garner and Lopez together. The two ladies politely kept their distance.

Ever since Affleck and JLo made their romantic comeback, it’s been said the actor’s ex-wife isn’t too smitten with Lopez.

Among other things, it was said that Garner resents the luxury lifestyle that Affleck is blow-drying at Lopez’s side. She wants her children to grow up modestly – and is said to be concerned that her father’s new lavish lifestyle could have a negative impact on the two daughters and her son, which is said to have caused tension.

Garner and Lopez: Different parenting styles

Lopez and Garner reportedly have very different parenting styles. Lopez’s kids “are used to a jet-set lifestyle, while Jen, despite her successful film career, is more of a traditional stay-at-home mom,” an insider was quoted as saying. Garner says it’s a top priority for her kids to stay down-to-earth. Prophecies of doom that Garner would secretly consider Lopez “tasteless” were also raised from those close to the actress.