Jennifer Garner proudly shows off her fine lines

Jennifer Garner She is one of the most beloved actresses and it is that she has not only impacted her fans because of her artistic career, but also its naturalness has become one of the most admired characteristics.

The 50-year-old actress is considered one of the most beautiful in Hollywood since her beginnings in the artistic world and her face has become an icon since she played Jenna in the acclaimed film “If I were 30″.

Through their social networks, the artist has dedicated herself to showing her most natural side and it is that, while he continues to stand out in the artistic world, he has also shown how simplicity is part of his personality.

For this reason, it is very common to see her wear the simplest outfits and also dazzle with her face without a drop of makeup, Well, for her it is a normal practice to make videos without any type of filter or retouching.

In one of the most recent videos shared on his official Instagram account, The actress showed how she replicated a commercial she made for a skin care brand.

The famous was shown without a drop of makeup and let see each of the expression lines of his face. With this it was clear that the natural texture of her skin is part of the beauty of the actress.

Jennifer Garner is an example of self-love

It is not the first time that the actress shows her beauty without filters or retouches, on the contrary this is quite common, since it shows what their daily life is like.

Although she knows how to dazzle on red carpets and is considered a fashion icon for her most prominent rolesalso shows that simplicity is part of everyday life.

Some weeks ago, the actress was shown in her most elegant version with a tight red dress with bare shoulders and v-neckline, which she combined with subtle accessories and a black handbag.

This is a version that the famous also enjoys to the fullest and is part of her personality.