Jennifer Grey, formerly engaged to Johnny Depp, opens up about the lawsuit between her and Amber Heard

Jennifer Grey, who was once engaged to Johnny Depp, opened up about the lawsuit between the actor and Amber Heard.

Vanessa Paradis, Winona Ryder, Kate Moss… Johnny Depp has had many high-profile love stories. But many have forgotten that he was also once engaged to actress Jennifer Grey, best known for her role in “Dirty Dancing”. In 1989, the two dated for nine months and even quickly got engaged. But the actress had finally decided to put an end to their affair, on the eve of her 29th birthday. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, she called her ex-boyfriend this week “sweet, loving and romantic, crazy (for her) and very handsome”, explaining that she fell under his spell after his breakup with Matthew Broderick.

Jennifer Gray had, during this interview, a thought for the star entangled in a sordid lawsuit for defamation brought against his ex-wife Amber Heard. The two accuse each other of domestic violence and many details about their private lives are revealed every day during public hearings. Asked about it, she said, “All I can say about the whole thing is that it breaks my heart for everyone involved.” “I just think it’s sad, and I wish it was resolved, I wish everyone the best,” she added.

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“He was going mad with jealousy or paranoid”

Jennifer Gray publishes her memoir “Out of the Corner”. Now 62 years old, she devotes part of her book to her love affair with Johnny Depp. She recounts their first meeting there, explaining how the hero of “Pirate of the Caribbean” helped her overcome her previous breakup when she was “heart in pieces”. Despite the flattering portrait she paints of him, evoking the beginnings of their passionate affair, she also explains in her book the reasons that led to their separation.

“He started missing his flights home, he wouldn’t wake up in time, and when he finally got home he would get mad with jealousy or paranoid about what I had done while he was away.” “I attributed his bad mood and unhappiness to feeling bad and helpless after having to leave ‘Jump Street’ when all he wanted to do was be in movies.” in excerpts revealed by “People “. “He became more and more sullen and less and less present. I kept wondering how, or if, I was ever going to get this easy-going, funny, dedicated and loving guy back.

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As a reminder, Johnny Depp sued his ex-wife Amber Heard for defamation following a column published by the actress in December 2018 in the “Washington Post”. Tribune in which Amber Heard evoked the domestic violence of which she would have been the victim of the hand of her husband, without naming him. Firmly denying having been violent towards his former partner, even claiming that the roles were reversed, the actor claims 50 million dollars in compensation for the damage that these accusations have caused to his career. For her part, Amber Heard counter-attacked and claimed the double, denouncing the campaign of harassment that she would suffer since their divorce and which would be encouraged by the actor.