Jennifer Grey: Patrick Swayze cried apologizing on Dirty Dancing set

jennifer Gray Gray wrote his memoirs. In the book “Out of tea Corner”, the 62-year-old actress looks back on her career. Invited to The Views to talk about it, the star remembered Patrick Swayze who died in 2009.

She shared that the co-star of “Dirty Dancing” sobbed while apologizing to her on the set of the 1987 romantic film.

The two actors had starred together in “Red Dawn” in 1984 before reuniting for Dirty Dancing. And their professional relationship had started badly…Patrick was playing pranks on me and everyone“, explained the actress.It was just macho and I couldn’t take it. I thought : “Please, this guy, that’s enough.

jennifer Gray confided that she was even hesitant to sign for “Dirty Dancing” with him.

But she ended up agreeing to try out with the actor. It was this moment that brought the two actors together. patrick Swayze apologized for his behavior.He pulled me into the hallway and said: “I love you, I love you, and I’m so sorry. And I know you don’t want me to do the movie“, she explained.

And he had tears in his eyes. And I had tears in my eyes“.

He hugs me and I was like, ‘Ohdude. It’s over for me“, confessed Gray.

Their complicity made the film a cult hit for decades to come. Gray also couldn’t help but rave about how the star of “Ghost“behaved on set.There was no competition. He was like the lounge chair I had dreamed of all my life“, she said.

The actress will be back for a sequel to “Dirty Dancing”. The film franchise released a prequel in 2004, “Dirty Dancing: Havana nights“, and produced a television remake for ABC in 2017.