Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck sign prenuptial agreement with demands on their sex life

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are at the height of their relationship. the duo of actors announced their commitment, although still without specifying the date of the famous marriage.

The wedding of the famous, who gave themselves a new opportunity after 19 years of their previous engagement and subsequent breakup, it also meant the arrival of a prenuptial contract and a curious clause that was very specific about his sexual life.

And it is the one that the singer demandsu partner at least have sexual intercourse four times a week.

According to the ABC medium, said requirement of the artist tries to prevent passion from fading and infidelities arise.

After the news went viral, social media was filled with memes that involve the interpreter of Batman and what he could do to fulfill the demands of his future wife.

A detail that few noticed is that this famous clause also existed in the couple’s previous courtship.

Between 2002 and 2003, a contract was disclosed that established, for example, the prohibition of any type of infidelity, with high economic fines in case of non-compliance.