Jennifer López announces new album on the 20th anniversary of “This is me… Then”

The American singer Jennifer López announced this Friday the release in 2023 of her new album, “This is me…Now”, who is inspired again by his relationship with Ben Affleck and it is released just 20 years after he released “This is me… Then”.

The 53-year-old interpreter had deleted all the content from her Instagram account this week and had changed her profile picture to a black image without a message, which made her followers suspect that she was anticipating an imminent project.

This Friday, again on Instagram, the “Bronx Diva” posted a video in which recreates the cover of the other album to advance the arrival of the next onein which there will be 13 songs with titles such as “Mad in love”, “Dear Ben pt. II” or “Greatest love story never told”.

“This is me… Then” was very significant for the also actress, since some songs had arisen from the inspiration that her budding romance with the actor Ben Affleck gave her, with whom she would get engaged the same year as the release of that album. .

Among these songs are “Dear Ben” or “Jenny From The Block”, in whose video clip he recounted the persecution of his courtship by the paparazzi and appeared the protagonist of “Good Will Hunting” (1997) or “Argo” (2012).

Two years later, López would announce through a statement that they had broken up and in 2021 the couple baptized by their fans as “Bennifer” resumed their sentimental relationship, concretizing their love with an intimate wedding in Las Vegas last July.

Lopez currently has 15.4 million followers on Tik Tok, 227 million on Instagrammore than 45 million on Twitter and 60 million on Facebook.

“This is me… Now” is her ninth studio album and, according to a press release mentioned by People magazine, shows a “vulnerability” never before shown and speaks of “hope, faith and a true love that never dies.” “.