Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck: Christmas Carols With Celebrity Guests

Jennifer Lopez (53) and Ben Affleck (50) sing Christmas carols – and the stars listen. Over the weekend, the celebrity couple known as Bennifer threw a pre-Christmas party at their Los Angeles home. According to US media, the guests included stars from Kim Kardashian (42), Doja Cat (27), Vanessa Hudgens (34) to Jane Fonda (84). The acting legend starred with Lopez in 2005’s ‘The Monster in Law’.

Ben Affleck sings John Legend’s “By Christmas Eve”

Jennifer Lopez couldn’t help belting out a few Christmas carols. Steve Mackey (56) accompanied her on the piano. But Ben Affleck, who has not yet appeared as a singer, also took the microphone. He sang John Legends (43) “By Christmas Eve”. Accompanied by laughter from the audience. In the end, Affleck got a hug and a kiss from his wife.

Video evidence of the surprising song performance made its way to the public via Instagram, including via a fan account about Ben Affleck.

In addition to singing performances, Bennifer also had a lot to offer their guests in terms of culinary delights. According to eyewitness reports, there were stations where those invited could help themselves to pizza or hot chocolate. There was also a gingerbread replica of the Bennifer mansion.