Jennifer Lopez confessed why she is so obsessed with Ben Affleck

This mediatic couple, has been given a second chance at love, because in mid-2004 they had an affair that was about to reach the altar, because they had a marriage commitment, but shortly before giving the definitive yes, they ended their relationship.

The causes? Apparently they were not used to having a romance so full of cameras and with so many paparazzi on top, so they decided to say goodbye and rebuild their lives separately. There, it is when each one finds their partners and they form families and even with children on the way.

However, almost 20 years later, the singer and the actor meet again and decide to give themselves a second chance to live their round 2.0, which has been successful so far.

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So much so that this time they have also become engaged, but two decades later it seems that this marriage will finally take place, since they have proven to have a solid relationship and to be quite in love, so much so that they recently managed to buy what would be their luxurious mansion where they will live with their children.

And it is that, without a doubt, ‘J Lo’ is in the best moment of her life, both in her professional career and in her love life, because she herself has confessed that Ben is the real love of her life, something that has affirmed in his participation in “Good Morning America”, where he spoke of the emotion he feels to marry and start a family with Affleck.

“I love my career, but nothing is more rewarding for me than being able to build my family with someone I love deeply and who is so dedicated to the family and to others”, commented ‘La diva del Bronx’, who also showed how well What does this committed stage look like?

“I love the idea of ​​the future and what we can create, but I really want to savor the moment. I just want to be really present in it as much as I can, ”she added before the cameras.

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The announcement of his commitment was made through his website where he published a moving moment in which he stated that his life partner had proposed to him for the second time, but surely this will be successful.

For that moment, the actor surprised her with a green diamond ring, which is considered the singer’s favorite color and could be worth around 10 million dollars.

However, although they do nothing but talk about their excitement for the wedding, the truth is that the exact details are unknown, because the only thing that has been known is that both imagine a different celebration.

Jennifer wants a big, extravagant and luxurious party while Ben wants to be more demure and have only his closest friends and family. While this is happening in her personal life, her professional career is not far behind, because now Lopez is about to release her new documentary on Netflix, ‘Halftime’, which narrates two precise episodes that completely marked her life. her.

At the same time, it promotes an initiative that seeks to finance small businesses to be owned by Latina women in the United States, demonstrating the importance of believing that women can stand out regardless of life’s obstacles.

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