Jennifer Lopez knows how to wear mini skirts at 50 without looking vulgar – New Woman

Jennifer Lopez has declared himself a fan of mini skirts although many women describe as crazy to use them after the 50 years.

The diva has taken care of debunk myths and show that age should not condition your tastes and your way of dressing.

The interpreter of ‘Maid in Manhattan’ fully aware of the benefits stylistic of one mini skirt, so he did not want to miss the opportunity to show us a series of models.

The mini skirts that Jennifer Lopez has shown off

J.Lo She is the queen of style and she has made it clear over time by marking her own trends.

She has taught that you can show off elegant and sensual at the same time regardless of age that you have

Either from fabric, denim, silk, tweet or leather, she always knows how to adjust her silhouette with the correct skirts.

Also, they are perfect looks for short women who want to show off totally stylized legs.

Learn to combine styles and you will find a matching style. J.Lo has been in charge of giving us some options.

Another of his great bets to show off his thighs have been the midi-dresses with whom he usually appears in his presentations or interviews.

The mini skirts have long been considered the summer bet for women of 20 and 30 yearsbut Jen It has been commissioned to prove that this is not entirely true.

It is enough to use our imagination, to prove that a miniskirt looks good, regardless of the decade where we meet.