Jennifer Lopez says why she didn’t kiss Madonna

A few days ago, Jennifer López confirmed the rumor that has existed for twenty years and that relates her to the famous kiss between Madonna, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera at the 2023 MTV Music Awards. In an interview to promote her most recent film, The ‘Bronx Diva’, revealed that it was indeed her, and not Aguilera, who was originally going to kiss the “Queen of Pop” in that presentation.

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“It is so. That kiss should have been for me. At that time I was shooting a movie in Canada, but some time before the ceremony I went with Britney to Madonna’s house to rehearse the scene. And the kisses of the owner of the house with us two were scheduled, but I just couldn’t leave the set in those days. So we couldn’t do it… Then they got Christina Aguilera to do it. I am a big fan of Madonna. I have always been it”he said in an interview for E News.

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What happened between Madonna and Jennifer Lopez?

Although the other stars involved in the story have not spoken after the statements of Ben Affleck’s wife, a Twitter user left Jlo “bad face” with a story that would deny his version of what happened. @juanlsanguino posted a snippet from actor Rupert Everett’s memoir, titled Red Carpets and Other Banana Skins, who talks about a disagreement Madonna had with Lopez at a party in 1999.

Everything would have happened 24 years ago, in a celebration organized by the designer Donatella Versace. “Shortly before midnight, Jennifer Lopez burst into the yard on the arm of Benny Medina, her new manager. Donatella rose and came over to greet her as Gwyneth and Madonna gave two snorts of derision and stormed out of the room.

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A thousand pairs of eyes turned between the two sets of divas, one motorcade making its way with great pomp towards the garden and the disco lights, the other moving slowly towards the table through a sea of ​​adoring faces. turned up. When the last member of Team M left, Donatella arrived with the J team, only to find Jamie and me alone at the huge table. ‘Where is everyone?’ Donatella asked, surprised. ‘We don’t know,’ Jamie and I replied.says the section of the book written by Everett, who later tells the possible reason why the interpreter of Like a virgin could not see Jennifer López.

“Jennifer had given a rather amazing interview a few weeks earlier, one of the best, in fact, in which she talked about absolutely everything, saying, among other things, that Madonna couldn’t sing and Gwyneth couldn’t act. This broke an unwritten Hollywood law. Think about it, but never say it. Jennifer was still learning.” reveals the book about the statements that López gave to Movieline magazine in 1998, where the star would also have spoken ill of Winona Ryder and Gwyneth Paltrow.