Jennifer Lopez shows off a casual look with cargo pants and brown combat boots – New Woman

After conquering the public with his performance in the recently released romantic comedy Marry methe superstar Jennifer Lopez returned to the recording forums to continue filming a darker project: the action thriller The Mother.

For weeks, the 52-year-old interpreter has been in Spain dedicated to the filming of the tape where embodies a murderess who is forced to come out of hiding to protect the daughter she has been estranged from.

However, the artist not only promises to captivate the public again with her indisputable acting talent. As well will give some style lessons in the skin of his character. This was announced on March 16 from the set.

Jennifer Lopez shows her look rougher on the set of The Mother

The actress was captured last Wednesday while recording some scenes in Gran Canaria wearing badass on a look informal air tomboyish with which he positioned himself as an inspiration for casual style.

Away from her characteristic glamour, Lopez’s ensemble to bring her role to life on this day of filming was made up of a khaki tank top and a matching pair of cargo pants.

Likewise, on top of her comfortable top, JLo also wore a white shirt completely unbuttoned and with part of the sleeves rolled up.

The mother of two completed her badass outfit with a pair of thick-soled brown combat boots in which he stepped confidently.

As for the beauty lookthe famous wore her hair collected in ua tail of disheveled hair and her face free of makeup.

In the images of the shoot on Wednesday, released by media such as Daily Mail, the singer could be seen very concentrated filming some action packed sequences in the streets of the Spanish island next to Omari Hardwick.

In this way, in addition to proving that he is capable of looking sensational with any style, Jennifer Lopez made it clear that he is leaving everything in the recordings of the project under the direction of Nikki Caro which will premiere in Netflix sometime this 2022.