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The love between the singer Jennifer Lopez Y Ben Affleck remains stronger than ever after his new opportunity in 2021, when they decided to resume their relationship after 17 years. In days when JLo enjoys her family in Los Angeles, a detail did not go unnoticed in her most recent photos, where her abs of steel stole the glances, but also a necklace that the “Batman” actor gave her when they celebrated his 52nd birthday sailing around Saint-Tropez and which bears his name. Here everything that is known about the luxurious jewel.

TRIVIA | How much do you know about Jennifer Lopez?

Through your official account at Instagram, the ‘Diva del Bronx’ shared two images asking her more than 192 million followers if she looked better with the jacket on or without it. The style advice she was looking for was accompanied by a somewhat conservative first image with a piece of black leather on her shoulders, while the other was the most applauded for consisting of a leather top, white skirt and her impressive abs.

Ben Affleck’s necklace

Although the figure of Jennifer Lopez He took all eyes, a detail on his neck also caught the eye. Among the various necklaces she was wearing, one was the most special. It’s about the gift that her boyfriend gave her Ben Affleck last July 24.

The first time he was seen wearing it was during a walk through the streets of Monaco where the gold necklace with charms that form the word BEN stood out in the paparazzi photos.

Jennifer Lopez showed all her followers the necklace with charms that form the word BEN.  (Photo: @jlo / Instagram)
Jennifer Lopez showed all her followers the necklace with charms that form the word BEN. (Photo: @jlo / Instagram)

What jewels that Ben Affleck has given her

For the “Bronx Diva’s” birthday, her boyfriend invested $45,000 in jewelry, including gold chains, pendants and diamond-encrusted pendants, according to press reports.

“He really wanted to create a meaningful message”, told Beth Bugdaycay, co-founder and creative director of Foundrae to the specialized jewelry media TheAdventurine. “[Ben Afflekc] he reviewed the meaning of each piece before finally settling on the ones he chose… a lion was also one of the options, but I think what he chose is perfect”, he added.

One of the charms was a gold key adorned in the shape of a diamond-encrusted knot, which according to jewelers represents “a real love knot”. Another pendant was an 18K yellow gold heart with a small star in the center. In total, the gift had a cost of almost 45,000 dollars, according to the British tabloid DailyMail.

While they were a couple in 2022, the actor gave some gifts to his girlfriend Jennifer Lopez before ending their engagement. One of them was Harry Winston’s diamond bracelet that JLo also wore on the yacht in which they toured Saint-Tropez, showing that she always kept it. Another jewel is the ring with which he asked her to marry him at that time and which has a 6.1-carat pink diamond, bought at the New York High Jewelry firm Harry Winston, specializing in diamond jewelry. It is estimated that it cost about US$ 2 million dollars.

How did JLo and Ben Affleck resume their relationship?

‘Bennifer’ rejoined in February 2021 after the actor sent him emails while JLo was in crisis with Alex Rodríguez. JLo and the former baseball player announced the end of their engagement on April 15. After several weeks of meetings, Jennifer Lopez Y Ben Affleck They made their relationship official on the singer’s 52nd birthday while they were on a luxurious yacht in the Mediterranean Sea.

They starred in the movie ‘Gigli’ in 2002 where they fell in love. They got engaged in November but postponed their wedding in September 2003, the year they made their red carpet debut together; However, the end of their relationship surprised everyone in January 2004. Then JLo married Marc Anthony in June 2004 and in 2005, the Oscar winner married Jennifer Garner.