Jennifer Lopez wears the French manicure with a touch of glitter

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    If there is a nail trend that is sweeping this season, it is the French manicure. A style that at first seemed a bit boring to us (we are not going to deny it) but that little by little we are seeing with different eyes after discovering the most original proposals seen in recent months on Instagram. Seriously, there are countless beautiful proposals with which to join this trend. Our favourites? The French manicure in a multicolor version, the French manicure with waves or the last one that has just been done Jennifer Lopez.

    The singer has proven to be a great fan of the French manicure, which she usually wears in its most classic version or by adding some detail (for example, when she opted for a shiny ‘sticker’). Well, this time she has once again shown off a renewed version of this classic nail style, proving that there are infinite versions of it. If there is something that is clear to us, it is that the artist not only loves the French manicure, but also the ‘bling bling’ … and now she has put both things together again!

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    JLo has opted for the classic pink and white French manicure, but with a peculiarity: she has added a thin line of silver glitter, resulting in a perfect nail style for special occasions. In fact, his proposal is also perfect for everyday use since the shiny detail is so subtle that it does not attract too much attention. A nail style with which the singer confirms that, when it comes to adding bright details to her nails, she always relies on ‘less is more’ (pss, here’s another idea from the singer for a bright but subtle manicure) .

    Do you want to copy this manicure to Jennifer Lopez? Friend, you need to sign the gadget that La Vecina Rubia has discovered for us. It is a ‘nail stamper’, and it has changed our lives. You just need to apply the white nail polish on the surface of this gadget and embed the nail so that the polish sticks to it. Pss, on Amazon you have one, and thrown at the price!


    ‘Nail stamper’ for French manicure

    We are already looking forward to trying it out and getting a manicure as cool as the singer’s.

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