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Saturday, January 28, was the date chosen by the singer Mark Anthony to marry Nadia Ferreira at a luxurious wedding at the Perez Art Museum (PAMM) in Miami, Florida. Although they were surrounded by family and close friends, it was striking that Max and Emme, the children she had with Jennifer Lopez, they have not been caught by the paparazzi, what were they doing with their mother while their father was getting married? Here are the details that are known so far.

Among the reports of the event that was exclusive and very private, it is known that David and Victoria Beckham attended (he was one of the godparents and she designed the dresses for the bridesmaids), Maluma, Romeo Santos, Marco Antonio Solis , Salma Hayek, Lin Manuel Miranda, Daddy Yankee and Luis Fonsi. In addition, it is known that Cristian and Ryan (the sons of Marc and Dayanara Torres) also attended.

Knowing that they accompanied their father, many wondered what happened to the twins. Max and Emme Muniz who are 14 years old and are about to celebrate their birthday this February 22.

What did JLo and her daughter Emme do?

The young woman was photographed in Los Angeles with her mother Jennifer Lopez just a few hours before his father Marc Anthony went down the aisle with Nadia Ferreira.

Next to them was Ben Affleck and the children he had with Jennifer Garner, Seraphina (14) and Samuel (10), although the eldest, Violet, was missing. As reported by the Daily Mail, they were walking in the direction of the cinema and arrived in the actor’s car.

The teenager was caught smiling and very relaxed in a wide black sweatshirt, green pants and sneakers while wearing headphones and holding her mobile phone.

At the moment it is unknown if Max, Emme’s brother, was with Marc Anthony while he said “I do accept” with Nadia Ferreira, since official photos of the event have not yet been shared.

What did happen is that both young people, Max and Emme, did participate in the wedding of their mother Jennifer Lopez with Ben Affleck, since they were in charge of carrying the tail of the long bridal veil with Seraphina.

Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez were married between 2004 and 2008. They divorced in 2011, but they have managed to maintain a cordial relationship for the sake of their two children and have shared various moments together, such as his birthday.

What did Dayanara Torres say about Marc Anthony’s wedding?

After finding out about the wedding of Mark Anthony with Nadia Ferreira Many people have been curious to know what the ex-partners of the famous salsa singer thought. one of them was dayanara torres who gave his point of view of this event.

As reported Timexthe ex miss Universe was on the showthe hot table” of Telemundo where he said he wished the interpreter of “Now who” the best. MORE DETAILS HERE.

What did Shannon de Lima say about Marc Anthony’s wedding?

During an event held by the Oneone Swim swimwear, the model was questioned about her ex-husband’s marriage to Ferreira in Miami due to the publication in underpants she made on her personal Instagram feed.

“Chama, your ex is getting married and you are very relaxed”was one of the comments displayed on his Instagram post. “Billing”said a user in the photograph of the Venezuelan, alluding to the subject of Shakira and the Argentine producer Bizarrap.

Shannon’s post did not go unnoticed, as various celebrities and well-known figures such as Jordi Martin “liked” such a photograph. However, the one born in 1988 she preferred not to respond to any of the comments written in her post.

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