Jennifer Lopez’s ‘money piece’ highlights are incredible

      Every time Jennifer Lopez posts a new photo we seriously wonder why we can’t be her. This time we won’t talk about her great body (we’ll leave that for another day about her abs of steel), but we do feel the need to comment on how incredibly beautiful her hair is in the latest images we’ve seen of her. . Okay, actually, this is always the case. Whether she wears it brown or her usual blonde, the truth is that the singer’s long hair is the definition of ‘hair goals’.

      The singer of ‘Jenny From The Block’ is always pure inspiration when it comes to ‘beauty’, like the time she wore XXL hair thanks to some extensions. Well, now she has proven it again. Mary Phillips, JLo’s makeup artist, has published an image of the artist that is enchanting her followers (among which we include ourselves, obviously). And when you see it, you will understand perfectly why.

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      We don’t know what we like more: the wavy hairstyle she wears or the beautiful color of her hair. Probably it is the combination of both things that has conquered us. As far as coloration is concerned, it is about caramel highlights called ‘money piece’, one of the most flattering highlights trends of the season. PE-LA-ZO.

      Jennifer Lopez’s caramel highlights (work of your trusted hairdresser, Chris Appleton) we love them because they look so natural in the hair that it seems that it has naturally lightened, so they are very flattering. We are already making an appointment at our hairdresser, we will not tell you more.

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