Jennifer Lopez’s sexual demands on Ben Affleck

This time Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck will not miss the opportunity to take the relationship to the next level. Almost 20 years later, the Hollywood stars met again and fell in love again to the point of having the long-delayed wedding.

But this time, every detail will be discussed and there will be clauses that keep everyone’s wishes clear. It transpired that the “Bronx Diva” intends to ensure a full sexual life and that is why she would have made her future husband sign a sexual clause before legally joining.

Although the news has not been confirmed or denied by the protagonists, it transpired that JLo would have made the actor sign a prenuptial contract demanding to have at least four sexual relations every week as a minimum.

“I find it horrible please, where is the romance? It’s humiliating for her,” said the Spanish host Susanna Griso on the Antena 3 Public Mirror program. And she added: “Imagine that you establish that you have to kiss each morning, in the shower you have to have sex. Are you kidding me? That exist? I find it impressive.”

At the moment, the couple has not revealed when the wedding will take place and apparently they will seek to marry discreetly and away from the press to avoid what happened in 2003 when they had to postpone the wedding due to media pressure.