Jennifer (MAPR 6): she reveals that she has lost 11 kilos since the end of filming

Several months after the end of the filming of the episodes of Married at first sight, Jennifer took to Instagram to discuss her physical transformation. While we do not know if the beautiful blonde is still in love with Eddy, she revealed that she lost eleven kilos after a “questioning”.

Eddy can blow! Not only does the candidate for Married at first sight fell in love with his bride Jennifer, but she also succumbed to his charm. However, the Northerner had all the trouble in the world to contain his stress, even being more than awkward with his future in-laws. As for the pretty blonde, despite her physical attraction to her husband, she wished establish safety distances during the shooting sessioneven if it means being icy.

An attitude to which she returned in a story published on Instagram, warning her subscribers about the questionable editing of the show. “You see 30 seconds over hours and hours of filming” she said, adding that what was shown during the last episode did not reflect her general feelings and the content of their discussions.

“I fell back to my ideal weight”

Moreover, his aficionados are surprised of Jennifer’s change of figure since trying on her bridal outfit. Water has flowed under the bridges of Gibraltar since the end of filming and the manager of a hairdressing salon seems thinner. I lost a lot of weightshe confirms on the networks, recognizing “a big questioning and awareness“. Faced with the advanced figure –I lost 11 kg“-, she wanted to reassure her community:I’m not skinny, I’m not underweight. I fell back to my ideal weight.

In addition to his line, Eddy’s wife, who has also changed thanks to sport, must answer questions about his ultrabrite teeth. “These are my real teeth“, she said, brushing aside the idea that she wore facets. Her double facet, she keeps it for the show, as dapper for the cameras as she is cold in front of Eddy’s hug desires.