Jenny Elvers turns 50: Marc Terenzi congratulates the “greatest woman”

Jenny Elvers turns 50
Marc Terenzi congratulates the “greatest woman”

Jenny Elvers and Marc Terenzi on a picture combo

Jenny Elvers and Marc Terenzi recently made their relationship public

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Jenny Elvers turns 50. Marc Terenzi publicly congratulates the “greatest woman” with a loving message on Instagram.

Jenny Elvers celebrates her 50th birthday on May 11th and can look forward to the first public congratulations from Marc Terenzi (43) early on. In an Instagram story, the singer judged “to the greatest woman” Congratulations on the day of honor. He added with a heart, “You are one of a kind. And you make me smile. And that means everything.”

The stars became closer during the filming of the TV show “Club of Good Moods”. A few weeks ago they made their relationship public. The singer and the actress have known each other since 2016, the two recently explained in an interview with spot on news. Before that, however, they were only acquaintances. Although they’ve always liked each other, it wasn’t until they found the time to really get to know each other at “Club of Good Moods” in Thailand. “Away from our cell phones and our everyday lives,” said Terenzi. A new episode of “Club of Good Moods” shows Sat.1 today at 8:15 p.m.

Long career

Jenny Elvers, who has son Paul (21) with ex-partner Alex Jolig (59), started her career as an actress and presenter in the 90s and has also repeatedly appeared in reality TV formats. Among other things, she won the show “Celebrity Big Brother” in 2013. Also in “Let’s Dance” (2007), “The Perfect Celebrity Dinner” (2014), “Celebrity Shopping Queen” (2014) and “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!” (2016) she was to see. In addition to numerous appearances in television series such as “Der Alte” or “SOKO” series, Elvers published her autobiography “Wackelyears: My life between glamor and crash” in September 2018.