Jeremstar: Back from court, he tells his ordeal!

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The young man now comedian, Jeremstar, has evolved a lot since his debut! The star is about to take to the stage again with her hilarious show. Fans are yearning for his return! Indeed, Jeremstar has lived through very difficult times since 2018 and almost stopped his career. On Youtube, he confides in the violent harassment he suffered. In recent years, the comedian has been regularly the victim of attacks and threats. Very dark moments for the young man who almost stopped everything. Fortunately, Jeremstar did not let himself be defeated and is now back in force with his show! But the fight is not over for the comedian. Back from the court, he confides in the progress of the trials. We tell you everything.

Jeremstar: Willing to do anything to recover a normal life!

Recently, Jeremstar published a Youtube video evoking his career, his life, but also the harassment he has suffered since 2018: “ I am regularly the victim of various and varied attacks in my daily life. I found syringes in my mailbox, my intercom rings at night, my address is circulating… » . The fight has only just begun! The star opens up after facing her attacker in court.

In his story, jeremstar says: ” I have just returned from court, what a day in terms of mental and emotional load… It was complicated, but frankly I am happy to have been able to express to the judge, and to the whole court, the suffering that have been in recent years (…) So this afternoon I was facing the person who ruined my life in 2018 (…) I was really happy to have been able to express myself, not without emotions of course (…) We will have to wait a few months to find out what the conviction is. I really hope that there will be one (…) It’s part of a long legal fight that I’m going to lead. I will never let go » . Courage Jeremy! Stay connected.