Jeremstar: He narrowly escapes death with a friend

©Instagram @jeremstar

Great victory for Jeremstar, the comedian has just won his case against the blogger Aqababe! Harassed and threatened since 2018, the former columnist finally frees himself from his executioner after so many years and difficult times. Jeremstar can now aspire to a more peaceful life! But if the young man went through this ordeal with great difficulty and pain, he also found enormous courage and a new outlook on life. Today, Jeremstar is fighting back against bullying, whatever it is, and fulfilling his childhood dreams. He is currently performing with his one-man show all over France! It’s the good life for the former blogger. In any case, if Jerem doubted it, he has just realized once again the sanctity of life. The comedian was close to death with a friend in the Balearic Islands! We tell you everything.

Jeremstar hero of the day…

On Instagram, Jeremstar expresses himself in tears with his friend: ” We were stuck in a tank with current and huge waves. We had no feet and couldn’t come back… We were literally exhausted and impossible to get back to shore. We started to panic and drink the cup… It’s horrible to live… We were screaming “help” and no one heard our cries for help”. Fortunately, despite the panic, Jeremstar managed to save his drowning friend: “I did everything to save her because she was panicking and screaming… It was horrible and very shocking… I was getting exhausted helping her and I was starting to lose power » . Later, the young man explains that they were victims of a baïne… Discover a preventive sheet just below.

©Instagram @jeremstar

Still in shock jeremstar continues: ” I live too dangerously, I am completely oblivious. I don’t realize, I want to live intensely (…) I thought of my mother… I really thought it was over (…) I’m trying to come to my senses, I assure you that he there is no exaggeration or anything (…) This will serve as a lesson to me. Done pulling me away when the sea’s rough » . We wish good luck to the two friends after such a trauma. Be careful this summer, watch out for red flags on the beach, and currents that can sometimes be fatal.