Jeremstar: He posts a hilarious video of an unusual activity!

Jeremstar is an impressive development! The former blogger went from interviewing reality TV stars to being a star himself! Now a comedian, the young man goes on stage to do what he loves most: make people laugh. He recently fulfilled a childhood dream. Jeremstar wanted to leave, or at least move away from the world of reality TV and influencers in Dubai, to return to simpler, and above all healthier things. Today very committed against harassment in particular, the young man shares videos and testimonies every week from various people and stories. Consequently, Jeremstar sees its popularity rating climb. The comedian seduces even more by showing his kindness, his compassion, while keeping this humor that we love so much! He has just published a hilarious video of an unusual activity. We tell you everything.

Jeremstar, always ready to try new things

Lately, Jeremstar confided very moved: “ I was a teenager. I dreamed of being a star from my province of Lyon. I felt bad at school. They made fun of me because I was effeminate. So I found comfort with my idols (…) It’s my turn. And it’s with me that we want to take pictures this time… It’s crazy when I think about it » . What a great development! Today, the star is having fun and living her best life! He just posted a hilarious video.

©Instagram @jeremstar

jeremstar Fly ! He writes : ” Tag the person you would like to do this with! I scream the music it’s so embarrassing“. In any case, the comedian seems to love it, and especially to laugh! In the comments, fans love: “ Mr. I loved it! Not bad the monitor! what did you make me laugh“, “ He thought that Jeremstar was a clutch to put under the arm and go to the evening with“, “ Mdr, he carries you like a handbag » . A good time for the comedian who seems to love his new life!