Jeremstar: He’s visiting a famous couple from Love Is in the Meadow!

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Jeremstar has evolved a lot since his interviews in the bath! The young man is about to go on tour with his hilarious show. Unfortunately, some dates have been canceled due to difficult management following the health crisis. The star explains on her Instagram account. Fortunately, it’s only a postponement! His fans can’t wait to see him on stage. In the meantime, Jeremstar does not let himself be defeated and continues to feed his Youtube channel. The comedian also announces a nice surprise for his next video! Indeed, after discovering the agricultural show and meeting a famous couple from Love is in the Meadow, Jeremstar made a decision… The young man set off on an adventure to Laurent and Maude’s farm! In total immersion in the agricultural world, Jeremstar films his adventures but above all tells of his attachment and respect for this couple of farmers. We tell you everything.

Jeremstar: Not the green thumb, but the hand on the heart!

Before publishing the entire video, Jeremstar shows us some beautiful moments with Laurent and Maude: “ We laugh a lot but I learn a lot of things! And you are too cute fleas, I watched your speed dating… I was very moved (…) Here I am driving a tractor, to discover in the video which is coming soon, it’s a disaster » . His video promises to be hilarious, but also very touching! The star pays tribute to the pretty couple of Love is in the Meadow which had moved France.

©Instagram @jeremstar

Under the caption of his Instagram post jeremstar writing : ” I fell in love with these two farmers (…) I went to visit them on their farm for a day of immersion. We shot a really cool video that will be out soon. There will be emotion. Of humor. And reality. That of the farmers (…) I felt much better on the farm with them in pants full of manure than with influencers from Dubai (…) Simple people who welcomed me better than anyone » . What a beautiful message! We can’t wait to see this video! Not you ?