Jeremstar: “I hid this from you for ten years” He makes revelations on Youtube!

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Jeremstar’s bath is a long way off! The comedian has evolved a lot in recent years. Today, the further the young man is from reality TV, the better he is! It must be said that Jeremstar has been the victim of very violent harassment lately. Since 2018, the comedian has been the victim of defamation and attacks of all kinds. Out of the question for Jeremstar to let it go, he defends himself tooth and nail, and this, in court! Summoned before the judge yesterday, he debriefs the meeting to his fans. The young man faced the person who ruined his life. But fortunately, Jeremstar is strong and does not let himself be defeated! He continues to chain projects of all kinds, and Youtube videos. He has also released a brand new video where he reveals a well-kept secret for ten years to his fans. We tell you everything.

Jeremstar never ceases to surprise the web!

Back from the court, Jeremstar confided moved: “ So this afternoon I was facing the person who ruined my life in 2018 (…) I was really happy to have been able to express myself, not without emotions obviously (…) We will have to wait a few months to find out what the sentence is (…) It’s part of a long legal battle that I’m going to lead. I will never let go » . The star surprises with her strength! But also by its well-kept secrets.

In his story, jeremstar announcement : ” New video available on my Youtube channel the chips, it’s something I’ve been hiding from you for ten years. Finally I imagine that there are some who know it now, but it is something that I have hidden for a very long time… I put you the link, I think it will surprise a lot of people (…) We can’t imagine seeing me besides… People hallucinate when I tell them » . Go to Youtube channel to discover this secret! A hint: is it about tobacco, or more? Stay connected!