Jeremstar: Invited to his first JT as a comedian!

Who would have thought that the young TV columnist Jeremstar would leave his bath to perform in big French theaters with a comedy show? Not many people. But the young man believed in his dreams, and fought to get where he is today. Soon, Jeremstar will perform in the theater of his dreams. The comedian sees his popularity rating climb despite his choice to move away from reality TV. Indeed, the former blogger had confided to being disgusted with the world of TV, and influencers, which is why he decided to focus on simpler, more human things. Today, Jeremstar is enriching its Youtube channel with testimonials, each more poignant than the next, on, among other things, harassment, or even the difficulty of farmers. But right now, Jeremstar is in Belgium to promote his show! Invited on a big JT, the comedian confides with emotion. We tell you everything.

Jeremstar, a promising talent

Some time ago, Jeremstar confided in his difficult adolescence and his dreams: “ I was a teenager. I dreamed of being a star from my province of Lyon. I felt bad at school. They made fun of me because I was effeminate. So I found comfort with my idols (…) It’s my turn. And it’s with me that we want to take pictures this time… It’s crazy when I think about it » . And yes, the young man has come a long way! Recently, he was the guest of a Belgian news.

©Instagram @jeremstar

On Instagram, jeremstar posts a photo as a guest on a Belgian news and writes: ” My first JT! I want to cry with emotion writing these words. Almost 15 years after creating “Jeremstar”, I am living a waking dream by being invited to the prestigious JT of the number 1 channel in Belgium to talk about my One Man Show. What emotion. What pride. I did well to believe in it and to cling to my dreams despite the pitfalls… » . Well done Jeremy!