Jeremstar: “Shame!” He forgets to hide embarrassing objects in front of workers…

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Jeremstar’s bath is a long way off! The comedian has changed a lot since his interviews with stars in the water. Bored by the world of reality TV, Jeremstar decided to change his life, but not too much anyway, by writing his own one-man show. And it’s mission accomplished! The star is sold out as soon as he performs in a room. And when he’s not on stage, Jeremstar takes the opportunity to shoot little videos, each one funnier than the next. But his last post with Amandine Pellissard triggered the wrath of Internet users! But Jeremstar needs more to let himself down! The star assumes and does not hesitate to laugh in any situation. But his latest blunder made him very uncomfortable… While workers were installing a water tank in his home, Jeremstar realized that he had forgotten to hide some rather funny objects! We tell you everything.

Jeremstar: The king of the blunder!

Very happy, Jeremstar confides: “ The good news of the day is that I discovered at home the boiler which was changed at home (…) I am happy because it looks much simpler than before, I have the manual to study. I hope I will understand something! You know it’s always very tricky, when you’re known, to have workers come to your house… I saw clearly that the three who were there had recognized me. It was a bit awkward » . He explains why!

In his story, jeremstar films decorative elements in the shape of a penis: ” (…) Mainly because of that… I tend to forget that you see for me, it’s part of the decor! Because yes, it’s decoration, I know that there are a lot of people who have trouble understanding it, but it’s decoration (…) So I always forget that ( …) Already when there are masseuses at my house, I say to myself “Oh la la while she is massaging me she sees that” (…) I hid them in extremis, but I think it is even more tricard because that they must have seen before. And they must have seen when I added the boxes in front, like I don’t assume » . Decidedly, the star does not miss one! But he always has a joke. And you what do you think ?