Jeremstar: Very motivated, he is halfway through his weight loss goal!

Jeremstar is a popular blogger. Indeed, the young man has more than 2 million subscribers on his Instagram account. Remember when he started, he wrote scoops on reality TV candidates. He was posting on a site called the Concierge ! But Jeremstar has turned the page, he even wrote a book on the failings of reality TV! Indeed, now the beautiful blond devotes himself to his career as a comedian. Moreover, the young man was invited to his very first JT as a comedian this weekend! He is currently on tour with his single on stage, which he had played in the past at the Bobino theater in Paris. Do not hesitate to go on its social networks to reserve your places! But Jerem is also a committed influencer! Indeed, he fights against school bullying. In addition, he takes advantage of his millions of views on his youtube channel to convey beautiful messages in his videos and interviews.

Jeremstar: He’s getting closer to his final goal!

Remember, in 2019 jeremstar had followed a food rebalancing which had made him lose 8kg. Against diets and deprivation, the young man was won over by his new way of life, which he found healthier and easier to maintain. Moreover, before re-taking out the bathing suits, Jerem decided to resume this food rebalancing in order to lose a few cm!

In the video posted above, Jeremstar explains, “ Remember, on April 12 I started my food rebalancing at 84 kg. A month later, it’s official, I’m at 79 kg. I would like to go down to 72 kg, so I still have 7 kg to lose. Frankly you are capable, it’s super easy with a food rebalancing. You eat your fill, except that you better distribute the starches and proteins. Vegetables are optional ! And you, ready to take out your bathing suits?