Jeremy Ferrari: Alcoholic, he recounts his descent into hell

Behind a smile often hides sadness. And this is the case of Jeremy Ferra, the talented humorist. While in his last radios, he appears very happy and even recounts his first meeting with Kendji Girac, he hides a heavy secret. Indeed, the young man confides that he was an alcoholic and spoke of his excessive consumption: “ In a day, I could drink, without any problem, six liters of wine. People think it’s impossible to drink six liters of rosé, but in fact, we don’t realize it. I took big shakers, I put ice cubes, I crushed them at the bottom, I took a bottle of rosé and I filled the shaker. I drank it ice cold. A shaker like this is practically the entire bottle of rosé. I could drink that in half an hour, no problem. “. Depressed, the drama does not end there…

Jeremy Ferrari: A Survivor

Very unhappy, the young humorist then decides to take action. The former producer by Kendji Girac wants to end his life “Don’t ask me why I went to the edge of that window, I have absolutely no idea. I was just at the end of the line. When I feel like I’m slipping, I think it’s just the survival instinct that comes back at that moment, which puts me like an electroshock. “. Fortunately, a friend of his intervenes: The scene is real, it happened in a hotel in Aix-en-Provence. I was very, very high. If I jumped, it was over. My best friend came over when I was on the ledge. “.

Jeremy Ferrari: Alcoholic, he recounts his descent into hell
© Instagram / @jeremyferrarioff A smile that he keeps despite everything!

If today, the young man has regained emotional stability through several detoxifications, he does not hide his face for all that: ” I think I’ve always been an alcoholic. I could drink all night, the next day at 9 a.m., get up and drink again. Or get up and go for a run […]. I haven’t been drinking for five and a half years now. […] I am an alcoholic, I will be all my life. “. Soon at the Folies Bergère with the show General anaesthesia from April 13 to 24, 2022 and on tour throughout France, Jeremy is now much better. Bravo for his courage!