Jeremy Renner, an avenger in distress and other characters that were in the news this week

Renowned actor Jeremy Renner, who gives life to Hawkeye (Hawk Eye) in the saga of Avengerscaused great concern this week among his followers after suffering a freak accident near his home while operating his snowplow, in the middle of the harsh winter that hit the rural area of ​​​​the Sierra Nevada mountains, between Reno and Lake Tahoe , in United States.

After staying in the ICU for a couple of days and undergoing emergency surgery due to blunt chest trauma and orthopedic injuries, the 51-year-old actor reappeared on his networks, visibly bruised, to thank the accompaniment that his family, fans and the world of entertainment have given him in these difficult days. “Sending love to all of you,” were the words she shared.

Apparently, behind this accident that almost cost him his life would have been the vocation of service that the actor has always shown. Hillary Schieve, Mayor of Reno, revealed to the Reno Gazette Journal exactly what Renner was doing when the accident occurred: “I was helping someone stuck in the snow. He is always helping others,” he stated.

to store suitcases

Shakira was forced to postpone her trip to Miami due to her father's delicate health
Shakira postpones her trip to Miami. Europa Press Reports / Europa Press (FILE Photo)
– Photo: Europe Press

Shakira spent a good part of the last months of 2022 finalizing the details of her move from Barcelona to settle permanently, together with her children Sasha and Milan, in Miami. However, the delicate health condition of his father, William Mebarack, 91, changed the plans of the Barranquillera.

Although everything was ready for the children to start classes in the second week of January, the impossibility of moving Mebarak to the United States, even on a medicalized plane, forced Shakira to rethink her life for the coming months, so she it is believed that it will remain in Spain until March.

For now, the artist finalizes the details of her new project, the filming of the video clip for her new song, which will be recorded in the coming days in Catalonia. Paparazzi stationed outside her house have captured the constant visit of the choreographer Félix Burgos, part of his team of dancers and her stylist to prepare the recording of what promises to become a hit similar to I congratulate you and Monotony.

A novel heartbreak

Isabel Preysler and Mario Vargas Llosa ended their relationship
Mario Vargas Llosa and Isabel Preysler ended their eight-year courtship. (Photo By Jose Oliva/Europa Press via Getty Images) – Photo: Europa Press via Getty Images

Mario Vargas Llosa and Isabel Preysler ended their eight-year courtship. And, although at first the socialite Filipina assured that the constant and unjustified jealousy of the writer would have been the reason for the breakup, the Peruvian Nobel Prize for Literature denied it.

The circle close to the couple, who had known for months that she was in crisis, assures that in reality she put the full stop to the author’s refusal to want to marry.

As will be remembered, Preysler married Julio Iglesias, very young, with whom she had Chabeli, Julio and Enrique. Later, with the nobleman Carlos Falcó, and later with the politician Miguel Boyer.

The Peruvian, for his part, already has two marriages on his back: the first with the Bolivian writer Julia Urquidi Illanes. He was 19 years old and Urquidi was ten years older than her, as well as being the sister of Olga, the writer’s political aunt. It would be to her that he would dedicate one of her top novels: Aunt Julia and the Writer. The second marriage would take place precisely with a niece of Julia, Patricia Llosa, with whom the author was married for more than 50 years and had three children.

avatar, unstoppable

Avatar: The Way of Water, which was released worldwide on December 16, remains at the top of the global box office with a collection of more than 1.4 billion dollars. – Photo: afp

James Cameron’s latest film, Avatar: The Way of Waterwhich was released worldwide on December 16, remains at the top of the world box office with a collection of more than 1,400 million dollars.

With this figure, the sequel to the 2009 film, which returned its followers to the world of Pandora, has already stood out from Black Panther: Wakanda Forever and is close to surpassing the total box office box office for the 2022 blockbuster in theaters: Top Gun: Maverick.

Cameron’s long-awaited film, of which the director himself announced a third part a few days ago that would last nine hours, has so far only been surpassed by Top Gun: Maverickwhich marked the triumphant return of Tom Cruise and reached 1,488 million dollars internationally during its stay in movie theaters.

Avatar: The Way of Water It also has the achievement of being the second part of the highest grossing film in history. Will your fans have to wait another 13 years to see the third part?

There is no break!

Camilo and Evaluna
Eva Luna and Camilo, more in love than ever. (Photo by Omar Vega/FilmMagic) – Photo: Getty Images

At the beginning of this year, rumors began to grow about the alleged marital crisis between Evaluna Montaner and her husband, Camilo Echeverry, who have been together for seven years. It was said that the matter seemed so insurmountable that the couple was on the verge of separating.

However, recent episodes of the series The Montaners and the artist’s new publication on her official Instagram profile silenced everything. “I became crazier and crazier for my husband”, can be read in one of the sentences that Evaluna wrote to close 2022, a year that in every way was one of exponential growth for the singer, who in just 12 months she became a mom, was nominated for a Grammy, starred in a reality show and launched a foundation.

The message accompanied him on Instagram with an image in which he appears fused in a loving embrace with the Colombian singer, who completed a successful tour last year.

Like good wines…

Sofia continues to leave millions of followers breathless.  Photo: Instagram @sofiavergara.
Sofia continues to leave millions of followers breathless. Photo: Instagram @sofiavergara. – Photo: Photo: Instagram @sofiavergara.

Sofía Vergara, through her Instagram account, shared a photograph that left more than one speechless: she was wearing a sexy black bikini that leaves no doubt that at 51 she looks regal and with an abdomen so flat that anyone her age , or even less, would long for.

Beyond her enviable physique, this 2023 will be loaded with projects for the Colombian, including her participation, as the protagonist, in a series that Netflix is ​​preparing about the feared Griselda Blanco.

The miniseries will tell the story of the person who became one of the most important links in the drug trafficking routes between South America and the United States in the 1980s and 1990s. And it will be one of the most important roles that the Barranquillera has faced, because, although she has already played some dramatic roles for film and television, in comedy she has been able to show all her talent, a genre that also made her one of the highest paid Latina actresses in the United States.