Jeremy Renner: The emergency call log from his snow groomer accident

Emergency call protocol published

Jeremy Renner’s torso was “crushed”

Marvel star Jeremy Renner sustained serious injuries in a snow groomer accident. Now the log of the emergency call has become known.


Jeremy Renner suffered a snow groomer accident at the beginning of the year.

Jeremy Renner (51) had a serious accident at the beginning of the year. The Marvel star was run over by his snow groomer while clearing the fresh snow on New Year’s Day. The actor had to undergo surgery and was placed in intensive care. The log of the emergency call, which is available to “TMZ”, now shows how serious his injuries were.

It states that Renner could be heard moaning in the background of the call. He had severe bleeding from his head and other unknown injuries. The report also describes the accident. Renner was “completely crushed” by his caterpillar vehicle and had “extreme difficulty” in breathing. Particularly frightening: Jeremy Renner’s right side of the lung collapsed and his upper body was “crushed”.