Jérôme and Lucile (Love is in the meadow) soon to be married: the adorable images of the preparations

More in love than ever thanks to the program Love is in the meadow on M6, Jérôme and Lucie, the flagship couple of the dating show, will be getting married very soon! The bride and groom have just unveiled a video on their Instagram account showing the preparations for the most beautiful day of their lives.

Make-up, glitter shoes, costumes, hairstyles, decorations, food… This is what the short and adorable video that just shared, this Tuesday, July 5, shows Lucile and Jerome on their Instagram account to announce the progress of preparations for their wedding. The flagship couple of the show broadcast since 2005 and presented by Karine Le Marchand, announced their union last December, shortly after welcoming their little girl Nasturtium.

The video, already seen 31,000 times a few hours after its publication, adds to the many publications of the lovebirds, who already share their happiness daily on Instagram. Last April, during a video also posted on their account, fans were able to see sumptuous wedding dress of the young mother, the engagement ring by Lucile as well as some preparations, all accompanied by the song Marry You.

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“Wedding summer 2022”

While Lucile and Jérôme did not communicate the precise date of their marriagethe couple nevertheless decided to give some leads to their fans using as a description of their joint Instagram account ” Wedding summer 2022 “. More in love than ever, the bride and groom have become inseparable and have even just written a book together The recipes of Jérôme and Lucile, From seed to plate: growing and cooking your vegetables over the seasons, which will be released in October 2022 and whose preface will be signed by Karine the Merchant.

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Photo credits: Screenshot Love is in the meadow

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