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The organizer of Miss Peru, Jessica Newtonshared one of the conversations he had with the former Miss Grand Samantha Batallanos.

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Through her Instagram account, the businesswoman received questions from her followers, one of whom asked her: “Why does Samantha Batallanos have a certain dislike for you?” “I don’t know, I have always advised her, along with her daddy,” replied Cassandra Sánchez’s mother.

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He also shared the image of a conversation on WhatsApp that he had with the model, where he proposed to buy her organization of the beauty pageant. “Seriously what if I have a couple of strong investors to buy a franchise or more,” she wrote.

“Open your own contest. You will do well for sure ”, Newton replied.

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Samantha Batallanos warns against buying Miss Peru: “I will be the new director”

Through her Instagram account, the model indicated that she was not happy with the way in which the aforementioned beauty pageant is currently being handled, for which she would take action.

In the images, Batallanos was asked, by a follower, if she would participate again in the contest directed by Jessica Newton in 2023.

“Obviously (that I would return to Miss Peru), but now we are going to return to Peru to buy the organization because it is too much trouble and we need peace of mind. I believe that, from the next few years, I will be the new director of Miss Peru, you’ll see, “said the model.