Jessica Pereira: these are the best PHOTOS that the journalist shares with her fans

Dominican Republic.- The Venezuelan Jessica Pereira not only is she dedicated to journalism, but she is a well-known model and actress who usually shares her work and personal life in Instagrama network in which he has more than 4 million followers.

The beautiful Jessica Pereira knows that her audience is aware of her day to day, so she doesn’t miss the moment to share clips or photos.

In 2019, the ‘pack’ of the Venezuelan Jessica Pereira was leaked when her cell phone was stolen. Photo: Special.

It maintains this closeness, despite the fact that in 2019, Jessica’s cell phone was stolen and her ‘pack’ was leaked on social networks and applications such as WhatsApp.

Jessica Pereira Gonzalez was born on September 13, 1983, in Caracas, but the Dominican Republic gave him the opportunity to make his reputation in the media

Jessica is married to Dominican businessman Edward García. Photo: Special.

In 2009, she received an offer to be a presenter on television channel 7, latin antennain the program “The Bachaton”. At the same time, his popularity in the country allowed him to be a model for national commercial campaigns for companies such as Ron Brugal, Cerveza Presidente, Bonita Presidente and Nayeli Underwear, among many others.

Her professional career in the Dominican Republic led her to have a boom on national television and radio, following in the footsteps of being the host of the television program “Chill Out” in latin antenna of the company Color Vision (2009-2013).

Jessica frequently shares her exercise routines, which help her stay in shape. Photo: Special.

She was also an announcer Radio Omelet (2011-2014), TV show host “My Tour” from Caribbean Connection (2012-2014) TV presenter in gaisha, Telemicro-Internationall (2013-2015).

Also in the same year is part of the program “New York Never Sleeps” of the company International Telemicrophone in the Dominican Republic.

The Dominican Republic gave him the opportunity to make his reputation in the media. Photo: Special.

Currently, she works as a communicator in the program of Santiago Matías “Alofoke” alofokeradioshow, located in the cabin KQ 94. as one of the main panelists of said program and the first woman to hold the position since its creation.

Although he was born in Venezuela, he lives in the Dominican Republic, where he works for television. Photo: Special.

Jessica Pereira also makes music videos

In her long professional career, Jessica Pereira has also been part of music videos for international artists such as the video “The Gunslingers” with Wisin and Yandel; “A little spin” with the musical group The illegals; “The Bait” with the popular merengue singer Miriam Cruz; “Miss White” with the group Panky and the manolos.

As well as “No tomorrow” with the dembow singer the alpha and the American group The Black Eyed Peas. She also did commercials throughout 2009 to 2015.

Jessica (right) participated in the video “No Mañana” with dembow singer El Alfa and The Black Eyed Peas. Photo: Special.

It is also a promoter of products including alcoholic beverages, sodas, hotels and beauty clinics.

Jessica Pereira’s ‘pack’ is stolen and her intimate photos are leaked

In 2019, the Venezuelan cell phone was stolen and her intimate photos began to leak on platforms such as Facebook Y WhatsApp.

The beautiful presenter is 38 years old. Photo: Special.

Our Jessica has been the victim of the theft of her mobile phone and private photos are being sent in various chat groups. We support Jessica in this lack of respect for the integrity of her ”of her.

It is always in the latest fashion. Photo: Special.

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