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Former beauty queen Jessica Tapia spoke about the participation of Miss Peru Alessia Rovegno in Miss Universe 2022.

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Through her Instagram account, the journalist shared a photograph of the model along with an extensive text where she revealed her position on the potential of Hugo García’s girlfriend.

“Alessia Rovegno is an A1 candidate. Because being Miss Peru implies a set of qualities that she has. In addition to her social work from years of hers that fills me with pride because she is not pure pose ”, Tapia highlighted.

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However, in another of her points, the communicator pointed out that Rovegno had great competition in the international contest and that she should have more support in the votes.

“It is already in competition and it needs votes (open your wallets because more votes are paid) and it needs good vibes. So respect in all comments, please (…) This year there is crazy competition because many candidates are not only beautiful but are also excellent speakers and have great stage command. So be careful! I want Alessia to win, but the battle for the crown will be tough and there can’t be a single centimeter for error,” said the journalist.

Alessia Rovegno travels to the United States to represent Peru in Miss Universe 2022

In an interview for ‘América Espectáculos’, the model was excited to participate in the important contest. “I am very happy and very grateful for everything I have experienced and it is time to enjoy it, to give my best,” she said.

Likewise, Rovegno assured that he had not compared himself with the candidates from other countries. “I focused more on myself and my weaknesses, what I know I want to work on and what I’ve been working on,” she mentioned.