Jessica Thivenin’s moving story about her son: “Thibault tells me he’s dead, it’s too late” (video)

jessica Thivenin and Thibault Garcia, parent of Maylone and Leewanewent through traumatic times with their son. He had several health problems. The reality TV candidate gave an interview to Brut, whose comments were relayed by Audience. She returned to these difficult episodes. She told of the day they believed that Maylone was dead.

We go to the restaurant with friends and, I give him the bottle and very quickly it turns into a nightmare. I realize that it is starting to change color, that it is starting to turn grey, blue… I give it to my husband because I’m completely freaked out, I don’t know what to do with a color changing infant“, she says.I try to pat him on the back and I see some blood coming out of his mouth“, she specifies.

We get up from the restaurant and head for a taxi. When we’re in the taxi, my husband (Editor’s note: Thibault Garcia) has him in his arms and I ask him how he is, he tells me he’s dead, that it’s too late. But I can’t accept that my son is dead and I’m thinking of giving him a cardiac massage because there’s nothing left to do anyway”details Jessica Thivenin. “By doing the cardiac massage, after three times, I hear a very small breath, it was small, minimal, but it was already so huge. We arrived at the hospital, they immediately took care of him“.

This moment of fear will be repeated at their home.What I was afraid to happen happened a second time. I’m at home, with friends, and Mayloneafter the bottle glues his trachea back together. The tracheomalacia closes (Editor’s note: the trachea and the bronchi relax and do not ensure sufficient oxygenation of the lungs). And so, there you go, it starts all over again. He turns blue again, he is no longer breathing. He becomes again… dead once again. I take him, he’s very small, he’s only four months old, I lay him down on my little rug in my living room. My husband, next door, has trouble calling the ambulances, he is so panicked that he no longer understands anything. Suddenly, I have to try to manage the telephone and at the same time the cardiac massage pumps.

Fortunately, Maylone is now in good health. These episodes are behind them. The couple expanded their family by welcoming the little one Leewane.