Jhon Álex Castaño got a tattoo in honor of Amparo Grisales and that’s how it turned out

Jhon Álex Castaño is one of the most recognized singers of popular music in Colombia. In his social networks, the interpreter shows several of the tattoos he has in the photographs, but one of them has a special value with the actress Amparo Grisales.

In a video published on the Instagram account @rechismes, the popular music singer responds to the meaning of one of his tattoos, in particular that of lips tattooed on his neck.

“That tattoo, that beak, I’ve always wondered whose mouth that spectacular mouth is? That must have been an unforgettable mouth.” the person who is recording the video asks Castaño.

Do you really know where I got those lips from? I took those lips out of a magazine from the lips of Amparito Grisales”, said Jhon Álex Castaño. “I can not deny that and they have beaten me,” added the popular music performer.

The comments on that post were very particular. One of them commented that they do not believe that they are the lips of the Colombian television diva: “No way. From some ex and clearly he is not going to say it because of his current relationship”.

On the other hand, others envied him to have, even with a tattoo, something of the famous actress. “And what’s wrong with her, stick why. Normal, before, what a privilege to have marked the lips of such a recognized actress in Colombia.

Amparo Grisales ‘brisked’ the participants of “The Box Challenge”

Amparo Grisales, the diva of divas, surprised the Gamma team of the television program The Box Challenge, after they return to the place where they stay. Gabriela Tafur was in charge of introducing her to the members of the group.

“You are not empowered or empowered, you are powerful and powerful, I am happy to see the performance you have been having, do not make me cry,” the actress tells one of the members who could not hold back her tears. “As a little girl they called me a quick tear because I cried for everything, and now I’m still in the same situation,” added Grisales.

Amparo began to give them a motivational talk so that they could continue competing in the best possible way and always with their heads held high. “I am not a ‘fitness coach’ although I know a lot about exercise, I have learned from many teachers, until I became my own teacher, because the years have to come with wisdom”said by way of advice the jury of My name is.

In addition, he told them that they should take advantage of a negative situation, such as the one they were experiencing at the time, and put it in their favor.

“I know that they haven’t eaten for a long time and that gives them wonderful mental power, because it gives them will. It is a control of your thoughts, of your words. When you complain, when you curse, what you do blocks you, it doesn’t make you fulfill your wishes. I’ll tell you, I injured my hand recording a movie, I was in a lot of pain, but I breathed, I calmed down. They took me to the emergency room, I did indeed break, but I didn’t allow myself to be operated on, they gave me a splint and an injection for the pain and I continued recording and I didn’t make them lose a single day of recording. Everything is in the mind”, Amparo Grisales told them so that they do not let themselves fall.

Jhon Álex Castaño was recorded by his partner speaking English, how is he doing?

Jhon Álex Castaño traveled to New York, United States, together with his partner, the dentist Jenny Suárez. There, ‘the king of chupe’ set out to order a coffee with milk and, obviously, he had to do it in the native language.

“Coffee with milk”, he is heard saying in his first words that were recorded by his girlfriend. But, apparently, whoever was receiving the order did not understand him and even had to say “milk” in Spanish. Again they did not understand him and with signs he had to make himself understood to receive his request.

Suárez did not hesitate to post this video on his official Instagram profile, accompanied by two messages: “Who else identifies with the king of chupe, spanglish and signs”, while within the images he wrote, “when you arrive in New York and you have to talk spanglish. The king of chupe speaking English”, reads the publication.