Jhonny Rivera gave a meaningful gift to a boy who has his father in jail

The good heart and good feelings of Johnny Rivera are well known, which are reflected in his good deeds and help, which gives to people Y animals in bad condition. And last Tuesday, January 24, on her Instagram account, she showed the gesture she had with a child and her father, who is in jail.

Not many details were known, only that this event occurred the previous weekend, when he was already finishing his presentation in Suratá (Santander), and that moved those present and the artist from Risaraldo himself. Obviously, the messages in the publication also coincided with what he felt and wanted to convey the singer, leading some to say that they could not hold back the tears.

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Jhonny Rivera’s gift with a child who has his father in jail

As Rivera wrote in his Instagram post, which he also shared through his stories, the little boy approached him and just wanted to give his dad the song ‘I lost my freedom’. And although she had already finished the show, she had no problem staying on stage to sing along with the little one.

But since the objective was for the father of the minor to receive the message, they made a video call so that the detail could reach the jail. and the comment of Jhonny could not be closer to what was experienced during his interpretation: “This was very moving, my God.”

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And in another text, he recounted what the boy did for his father:

“The concert in Suratá had already finished, and this boy came crying. That he wanted to dedicate this song to his father, who was in jail… The father started looking at the camera from his cell phone, and then he just listened.

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Beyond knowing the identity of the man deprived of his liberty or the reasons why he is in jail, your child’s message and gesture are more important to stand out and share with everyone. Because children can also be an example and inspiration for their parents.