JLo says her children “make fun” of her and other celebrities who show how hard motherhood is

Although we believe that famous people have their lives resolved, like many women in the world, they also suffer from the not-so-pretty side of motherhood.

The difference is that they dare to speak to the world about that face that we silence in silence and that makes us feel identified, because it is also okay to get tired, cry, get frustrated, have fears or insecurities during parenting.

Celebrities who showed the hardest part of motherhood

Jennifer Lopez

The Bronx diva is having a hard time raising her twins, who are all 14-year-olds now. Precisely, this stage is very hard and has made her submit to criticism and even ridicule.

“(Being a mother) is being strong enough to let them go, to let them have their moment and to let them see you, criticize and make fun of you. All those things that teenagers do to their parents,” he said.

kim kardashian

The socialite is also another of the celebrities who has spoken harshly about her motherhood, as she has 4 children with whom she has been able to experience many stages. “I think the hardest part of being a mother is when all three of them need you at the same time and start crying… It can really be overwhelming sometimes”


And it is that motherhood begins to be a challenge even from pregnancy. ABritish singer Adele, who suffered from postpartum depression, did say so.

“I was obsessed with my son, as if I had made the worst decision of my life. Finally I thought that the best thing was to give myself an afternoon or a week to do whatever I wanted without my baby. Four of my friends felt the same way and they were all embarrassed to talk about it in case others thought they were bad mothers. It is not the case. If you give yourself more time, you become a better mother,” she told Vanity Fair.