JLo’s controversial statement about the show she gave with Shakira at Super Bowl LIV

Shakira continues to be the center of comments and controversies. To what she must deal with her separation from Piqué are added comments that are not entirely positive, such as Jennifer Lopez’s opinion about the performance they gave together in the Super Bowl LIV Halftime show.

The “Diva del Bronx” spoke in the documentary that has just been released, and mentioned how she felt and what she thinks of that joint concert, considered one of the best in the history of the event. There, JLo offered controversial statements and assured that the idea of ​​bringing them together “was the worst in the world.”

“It’s the worst idea in the world, that two people headline the same Super Bowl. It has not been a good idea,” Lopez is heard saying in a conversation with her music director, Kim Burse, in which both tried to plan the number. taking into account the limited time they had on show.

“We have six minutes, thirty seconds for each song. If we take a minute, we will have problems. But we need to have our moment: this can’t be a damn magazine,” JLo explained in the documentary.

Despite how difficult it was to combine all the successes of both recognized artists, the concert ended up being a resounding success that will be remembered in posterity.