Jo Jo Jorge Falcón will give a new show in support of the Actor’s House

After a first function of laughter with causeproduced by Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo, in favor of the Casa del Actor, a new date for the comedian show is announced, for this Wednesday, July 6, at the Teatro 1 Cultural Center.

Jo Jo Jorge Falcón, within the framework of his goodbye tour, after 50 years of making the public laugh, joins the initiative. “I feel happy to be part of a very large comedy team, professionals who donate their time to bring joy to the public and a few pesos of consolation to our retired brothers who need them for their food and first health aid,” he declared in chat with The Sun of Mexico.

laughter with cause 2has the participation of 14 personalities, including Ariel Miramontes, Freddy and Germán Ortega, Andrea Escalona, ​​Maribel Guardia, and Roxana Castellanos, under the leadership of René Franco.

“I know that each one of us is going to give the best of his art; I will bring three or four great jokes that are my ace up my sleeve, in special moments with which the public will be entertained”, commented Falcón.

On his goodbye tour both in the country, and in the United States, Central and South America, he shared: “I made the decision to retire for the simple and simple reason that I want to enjoy my family and rest by their side. I’m already tired of long trips, sleeping in hotels and with short time from one state to another. Now I prefer to retire and enjoy my family.”

However, he added that from time to time, he will continue to offer private shows in Mexico City when requested. “Of course I will accept because I will no longer require a lot of time to move from one place to another. Yes, yes I will continue with shows for a small audience, ”he advanced.

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Jo Jo Jorge Falcón made it known that two days of each month, he usually gives classes at El Taller de la Comedia, lasting six hours on both days.

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“On my Facebook I put the date to teach, I made a good instruction program around comedy. My group is small, between 10 to 15 people maximum and based on my experience, more talents join the comedy. And do not think that they are all future artists, but ordinary civilians, among my students that I have had and there are insurance salesmen, nurses, firefighters and merchants, who want to learn comedy, “he explained with pleasure.

The guests of the Casa del Actor Mario Moreno Cantinflas IAP, who have in Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo their president of the patronage that manages the cozy roof of the artists in retirement, have stopped the payment of maintenance by the National Association of Actors (ANDA ), violating his right to retirement payment, which already exceeds 25 million pesos so far in the current administration.