Joe Exotic in “Twilight” fever: “Tiger King” raves about his fiancé

Joe Exotic in “Twilight” fever
“Tiger King” raves about his fiancé

The marriage of Joe Exotic and Dillon Passage has been broken for a year, both are now happy with new partners. The imprisoned “Tiger King” would therefore like to get the divorce done quickly. Because soon the wedding bells will ring again.

A little over a year ago, “Tiger King” star Joe Exotic and his spouse Dillon Passage split. However, while behind bars, the imprisoned Exotic has met a new man he wants to marry. In a letter that is available to the celebrity portal “TMZ”, the 59-year-old writes that his new love is like something out of the fantasy romance “Twilight”.

Joe Exotic and his new partner John have been together since March 2021 and got engaged last August. John is “extremely romantic and caring”. The love that the two share is one that Joe Exotic has never experienced. A few weeks ago it was announced that he would like to get divorced and marry again.

While it became clear in January that the 59-year-old would remain in prison, it appears that his new partner is no longer in prison. Joe Exotic writes to his fiancé every day. He answers in writing twice a week and they are supposed to call each other several times a day.

Get married as soon as possible

As soon as the divorce is over and he is still alive at this point, he wants to marry John, Exotic continues. Joseph Maldonado-Passage, his real name, announced in November 2021 that he was suffering from an aggressive form of prostate cancer. He currently has 16 radiation treatments ahead of him. After completion of the treatments, after a waiting period of around four weeks, it is checked whether the disease is in remission.

First airing in March 2020, the Netflix documentary “Tiger King: Big Cats and Their Predators” follows Joe Exotic, who ran a private zoo with big cats in the United States, and his feud with relentless animal activist Carole Baskin. Joe Exotic has been sentenced to 22 years in prison for allegedly hiring two men to kill his nemesis. In January he was again sentenced to more than 20 years in prison on appeal. A second season of “Tiger King” was released in November 2021.