JoeyStarr debuts on TikTok: his son Khalil gives him a hand!

As he quietly enjoys his family vacation, JoeyStarr has decided to create a TikTok account. For his first video, the rapper was able to count on the precious help of his son Khalil.

JoeyStarr is having a good time with his family during the summer holidays. He takes advantage of his 14-year-old son Khalil. The actor is a protective dad as he confided in the columns of the Parisian last May:They must be taught vigilance. Not making them paranoid or just being considerate.” He then broached the topic of social media. : “we are sold virtual when it is not virtual at all: it influences everything in our society.”

In 2020, in his stint on the show “seven to eight“, JoeyStarr confided in his three children: “We made three real nice ones. We have one who is 15 years old, he already knows what he wants to do in life, he is registered in it (Matisse signed in 2019 to join the football club AJ Auxerre, editor’s note). Khalil is 13 years old, he’s a dabbler, I don’t understand… The guy has an average of 17, while he is extraordinarily nonchalant. I think he works at speed. And then there is Marcello who is 5 years old. Normally, at that age, you must be at 400-500 questions a day, he is at 3000 with Mickey’s voice. He is charming. They are all in love. So it’s very reassuring.”

First steps on TikTok

During this summer vacation, JoeyStarr enjoys with his son Khalil. And the rapper had the idea to open a TikTok account. This Friday, August 5, on Instagram, he made an appointment with his subscribers on the other social network. And luckily for the 54-year-old, her son was there to help her.

So in fact if I press there, that’s it I’m on TikTok. There, we see both of us and so this is my first thing on TikTok? So I look like a bitch here“, comments JoeyStarr, filming himself. “So this video is pointless“, adds the star of NTM, “effectively“, answers his son, making fun of his dad. The rapper continues his first video by addressing his subscribers: “Hi, this is JoeyStarr. Well, I take off my glasses because at my age we have poor eyesight. We’re on vacation, I’m with my son, that one. And there you go, that’s it, we’re on TikTok.“Since then, JoeyStarr has posted other videos on TikTok, always under the amused gaze of his son!


It’s my son who manages my Tiktok until the end of the summer @k4lilmass0ud #unmorvillepeuencacherunautre #myhasthagmbataille #for you #foryou#fyp

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