JoeyStarr on vacation with his son Khalil, he makes his (awkward) debut on TikTok



Is not tiktokeur who wants and JoeyStarr can now testify.

While enjoying his summer vacation with his son Khalil, JoeyStarr decided to open a TikTok account. Friday, August 5, it is in Story Instagram that the rapper and comedian met his fans on the other social network. Fortunately, his 14-year-old son was there to help him publish his very first video, which “has no interest”…

“So actually if I press there, that’s it I’m on TikTok. There we see both of us and so this is my first thing on TikTok? So I look like an asshole there, ”says JoeyStarr first, facing the camera. To which Khalil replies “Yeah”. “So this video has no interest,” adds the star of NTM. “Indeed”, replies his son, always with humor. The 54-year-old rapper continues his first video by addressing his fans: “Hi, it’s JoeyStarr. Well, I take off my glasses because at my age we have poor eyesight. We’re on vacation, I’m with my son, that one. And there you go, that’s it, we’re on TikTok. For the father-son choreography on Earth Wind & Fire or 50 Cent, we will have to wait…

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Khalil has a brother, Matisse, who will turn 17 next September. These two boys were born from JoeyStarr’s relationship with director Leïla Sy, which ended in 2008. The rapper has a third son named Marcello, born in 2015. A father role he rarely exhibits.

What’s next after this ad

Didier Morville – his real name – had all the same indulged in a few confidences during his appearance on the show “Sept à Huit” in 2020: “We made three real nice people. The two older ones aren’t too interested in being like their father, that suits me. We have one who is 15 years old, he already knows what he wants to do in life, he is registered in it (Matisse signed in 2019 to join the football club AJ Auxerre, editor’s note). (Khalil) is 13 years old, he’s a dabbler, I don’t understand… The guy has an average of 17, while he is extraordinarily nonchalant. I think he works at speed. And then there is (Marcello) who is 5 years old. Normally, at that age you must be at 400-500 questions a day, he is at 3000 with Mickey’s voice. He is charming. They are all charming. So it’s super reassuring,” he said.

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