JoeyStarr recounts the day he found his mother whom he believed to be dead: “A woman is in tears”

Saturday January 7, JoeyStarr was invited in the program “There is not only one life in life” on Europe 1. The rapper and comedian was here to promote her new cookbook, says Closer. During this interview, the 55-year-old artist returned to his difficult childhood. JoeyStarrwho grew up in Seine-Saint-Denis, experienced the separation of his parents. His mother left home family when he was 5 years old. Excluded from the home, she had tried to come back but had been violently beaten by her ex-companion.

The father of JoeyStarr told him she was dead.It’s only been said once, and boom ! He (Editor’s note: his father) used to say things only once“, he clarified.

JoeyStarr was built without his mother and under the violence of his father. It was at the age of 18, just before going on stage, that the rapper learned that his mother was alive. Backstage, someone told him these words:A woman is in tears, she claims to be your mother“.

The artist who has become a father in turn does not understand how his father could lie to him about the death of his mother. How can we live with this on our shoulders? Lied to a kid?“.

JoeyStarr found his mother but he confides that “we don’t reinvent ourselves on this kind of thing in fact. I found my mother, but I realize that I don’t know what it is. It’s complicated, because my mother is still a real character, even at 55, she talks to me as if I were 16!“.