JoeyStarr: the crazy reunion of the rapper with his mother whom he thought was dead

Saturday January 7, 2023, JoeyStarr was invited to the show Il n’y n’y pas qu’une vie dans la vie, on Europe 1. The opportunity for him to approach the reunion with his mother, at the age of 18 .

Former band member NTM, JoeyStarr has not lost popularity and has branched out. Guest on Saturday January 7 in the show There is only one life in lifeon European 1, he promoted his new cookbook. After that, the 55-year-old returned to his difficult childhood, in Seine-Saint-Denis. When he was five years old, his mother had separated from his father and had been excluded from the family circle.

After this sudden departure, she had tried to find her son, before being thrashing by his former companion. For his part, JoeyStarr’s father had told him that his mother was dead. “It’s only been said once, and bam! He [son père] used to say things only once” he explained. After that, he had to build himself without maternal presence, while being victim of violence from his father. At the age of 18, however, he was devastated to discover that his mother, whom he had always believed to be dead, was well. alive.

JoeyStarr reunited with his mother as an adult

On reunion day, JoeyStarr was getting ready to to get on stage, when a person came to interrupt him backstage. “A woman is in tears, she pretends to be your mother” she would have told him. After that, Jade Kohler’s fiancé was able to find his mother. A real shock for the one who still can’t understand how someone could lie to him on such an important subject. “How can we live with this on our shoulders? Lied to a kid?” he was indignant.

At the microphone ofEuropean 1the father of three, who today relishes having his mother in his life, confessed that it had not always been easy. “We don’t reinvent ourselves on this kind of thing in fact. I found my mother, but I realize that I don’t know what it is. It’s complicated, because my mother is still a real character, even at 55, she talks to me as if I were 16!” he finally concluded.