John Cena’s nice gesture for a Ukrainian teenager with Down syndrome

Touched by the story of a young Ukrainian with Down syndrome, the ex-wrestler came to the Netherlands to meet him.

Like millions of Ukrainians, Misha Rohozhyn, a young 19-year-old with Down syndrome, had to flee his country, and his city of Mariupol, destroyed by the Russians. But to make the young man accept this painful escape, his mother told him that the purpose of this trip was to meet John Cena, his idol.

The Wall Street Journal devoted a long report to it at the end of May, pointing out the increased difficulty that such a situation represents for people with disabilities.

Confused and disappointed

It was while reading this article that John Cena, filming in London, decided to visit Misha in the Netherlands, where the teenager found refuge with his family.

On June 5, dressed in his wrestling outfit, the actor of Suicide Squad jumped out of the car and rushed towards Misha to hug him. The mother of the young Ukrainian stood nearby, incredulous and very emotional. “Misha, nice to meet you, I’ve come a long way to meet you,” John Cena told him.

“When I read Misha’s story and her mum’s story, it touched me. I had three days free, when I read the article and I immediately say, I’m going!”, Says the actor, who spent the afternoon in the center where the young man lives, playing and eating cake.

“His story touched me”

While he had totally closed in on himself since his arrival in the country, destabilized, disoriented and disappointed not to meet his idol as promised, Misha, who does not speak, smiled for the first time when meeting his hero.

“I didn’t want a son to see his mother in a different light, just because she did whatever it took to get him to safety,” John Cena explained to the wall street journal.

“I wanted to tell him today, personally, how much his story touched me,” the actor also said.

The video of the meeting, published on June 7 on social media by WWE, World Wrestling Entertainment, has gone viral and has been viewed nearly 4 million times.